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Is This The End Of Yuvraj Singh’s Career?

Yuvraj Singh Worldcup 2019

After recovering from tragic cancer-related sabbatical, it has been a downhill ride for Yuvraj Singh and that too at the time when he was in the prime of his career. After his return to International Cricket it has been hard for him to score runs in the same way which he did before going through the extremely tough phase of his life.

Yuvraj’s return to the game after such hardships is definitely a thing to be appreciated. But his inability to consistently give match-winning performances – which he did so effortlessly earlier – has raised a question whether it is time for him to retire.

The alarm bells have started ringing for Yuvraj with his name not featuring in the list of the players who have been awarded contracts for the next season. He said in his recent interview that he will take a call on his career after 2019, that means that he is still hoping a berth in the India squad for the World Cup 2019.

Yuvraj will have to show one of the best performances his career in the upcoming IPL 2019 to secure his place in the team for World Cup 2019.

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Apart from Yuvraj’s batting one more factor that has been cropping up that is his fielding. We have been used to being amazed by his batting but seeing him field at third man in the West Indies series was really disheartening for all the fans.

Yuvraj’s abilities are undoubtedly among best that any player could have, but his recent performances is surely a thing to worry about. We have seen the glimpses of the old Yuvraj in the inaugural match of the ICC Champions Trophy when he scored a 50 runs and was awarded the Man of the Match award, and the 153 runs against England a couple of years ago.

Apart from these two, there haven’t been any instance from his bat that are worthy of praise which is a matter of concern for Yuvraj. All his fans around the world are eager to see him play amazingly.

Yuvraj deserves to go out when people are asking ‘why’ rather than ‘when’.


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